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          免税礼物帮助我们吸引和留住有才华的教师;保持一个理想的学生/教师比;为学生提供优质教育,与国际旅游,无与伦比的艺术节目和冠军运动队 - 以及更多。一年一度的基金 - 你的礼物 - 让每一天都在学生的生活与以往不同。

          一年一度的基金 is an annual effort to raise funds through donations from the Board, faculty, parents, alumni and friends of the school. Its purpose is to allow SIA to raise funds needed to continue offering excellent academic programs, co-curricular opportunities and the same benefits are alumni enjoyed as students at the Academy. As many schools cut programs, SIA is committed to offering a full range of programs in the arts, athletics, physical education, advanced placement, extended day, summer camp and talented and gifted. However, what we charge for tuition does not fully cover the cost for this depth and breadth of program. Therefore, we try to manage that gap through our fundraising efforts including the Academy Fund, Gala & Auction, Golf & Tennis Outings, foundation grants, leadership gifts and planned giving.

          去年,馈赠去年全年基金$ 5 $ 25,000不等。每一件礼物是很重要的。下面的列表显示了你的礼物的影响。我们感兴趣的是bet36体育,任何尺寸的,我们的社会成员的所有行为。即使是最小的礼物会显示您认为在学院的未来,认为这是一个重要原因。

          年度基金 20-21


          如果你有兴趣在讨论你bet36体育的选项或方式来参与,请致电718 303-7812发展处或发送电子邮件development@statenislandacademy.org。感谢和去老虎!


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